Measure satisfaction

Receive customer feedback using smiley feedback and reasons for complaints

Optimize cleanings

Easy cleaning registration to support your staff


Fast reporting of incidents on the toilet’s blueprint and dispatch to service team


Have a permanent overview of your facility and receive notifications when things go wrong


Gather historic insight of customer satisfaction to take measures to improve


Discover trends in customer’s toilet visits to improve cleaning schedules

SANIORI provides you with an overview and feedback on the status and needs of your sanitary facilities, both in real-time and statistically

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Why use Saniori

When you are responsible for an airport, gas station, shopping mall or office building, the washrooms in your facility deserve the best care !

hygiene indicates overall quality

Customers expect cleanliness and care from all areas of a business and they'll use toilets as an indicator.

Customers believe that a dirty restroom indicates poor management and will distrust any other services you provide, like food & beverages.

Incidents impact perception

Customer satisfaction in toilets is not only negatively impacted by lack of hygiene but also by malfunctioning items.

Problems like clogged pipes or broken supply have an impact on the perception of your customer and should be fixed promptly.

data creates insight

To improve the restroom experience of your facility and take appropriate actions, insightful historic data is required.

Understanding the root causes of bad customer ratings and their links to cleanings and incidents allows management to take the correct steps to improve.

toilets impact ASQ score

The Airport Service Quality index is heavily impacted by the cleanliness of your toilets and ASQ affects your airport reputation.

An average passenger frequents the toilet 2-3 times during an airport visit. It could be their first contact with your country as well to refresh after a long flight.

innovation for washrooms

Washrooms are often overlooked as a place where innovation can occur and therefore rarely change.

By installing a customer satisfaction measurement system, you show your customers that you care. It also improves the innovative part of your brand.

engage your personnel

Your cleaning personnel does more than cleaning in your facility. They are the eyes and ears in your building.

Due to fast registration of incidents, cleaners feel more responsible. They also receive customer feedback on their work to improve.

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Customer cases

Discover how our customers use Saniori Digital Toilet Monitor

Being one of the biggest airports of Europe, Brussels National Airport serves over 30.000 visitors each day or 25 million annually.

Launching customer

Brussels Airport purchased the Saniori Toilet Monitor in 2014 and uses the system intensively in daily operations

Reactive and proactive

Saniori is used for fast dispatching of incidents and using passenger feedback to improve the customer journey.

Major airport

To provide its audience with clean toilets, the Saniori system is used in 40 public toilet blocks, totalling to over 600 toilet seats.

ASQ index improved

Since adopting the Saniori Toilet Monitor, the Airport Service Quality index of Brussels Airport went up in the hygiene and cleaning category.

2theloo is an innovative service retail concept which offers always clean restrooms and a unique toilet design. They serve gas stations, train hubs and shopping malls.

Highway gas stations

2theloo equipped 24 gas stations of oil company Total with luxury toilets, all of them include a Saniori Toilet Monitor.


The customer satisfaction feedback from the gas stations is used to benchmark and compare service and quality.

Smiles and Complaints

The daily operations are supported by Saniori’s Toilet Monitor to gauge customer satisfaction and possible complaints.

Vandal proof hardware

To resist the rough environment of nightly gas stations, specific hardware was designed. In use since 2015, no damages were encountered.

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Wijnegem Shopping Center is the biggest shopping mall in Belgium with 69.000 m² of total shopping surface and 250 brand stores.

Cleaning company

Service company GOM (part of FACILICOM) introduced the Toilet Monitor in the shopping mall to increase trust with the client’s facility management.


The Saniori Toilet Monitor indicates to the customers whether a cleaner is currently present in the toilet block to comfort the visitor.


Clean toilets in the shopping mall improve the perceived quality of additional services like food and beverages.

Shopping mall

Wijnegem Shopping receives yearly 8 million visitors, with a peak of 58.000 in the Christmas period.

BSCA Brussels South Airport is Belgium’s 2nd biggest airport, mainly targetting budget airlines and charter flights.

Toilet blocks

A total of 16 public toilet blocks in BSCA are equipped with a Toilet Monitor, near the gates, shops, security and restaurants.


Thanks to the feedback, airport management is more clear about differences in customer perception of selected toilets.


The solution at Brussels South Airport was implemented in cooperation between Saniori and cleaning service GOM as part of the contract renewal.

Optimize cleaning staff

Thanks to data gathered and visualised in graphs, facility management can see fluctuations in satisfaction and assign more staff during peak hours.


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Saniori provides you with an overview and feedback on the status and needs of your sanitary facilities, both in real-time and statistically

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